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Ways To Give

1. An offering is taken every Sunday morning. There are envelopes in the pews that you can use for cash or cheques. Please print your name and address clearly so we can correctly distribute the funds and issue your tax receipts. At any time of the year, we can give out a set of personalized numbered offering envelopes on request. These simplify the task of recording your donations. Contact the church office for more info.​

2. Use your Debit card to give using the debit machine available every Sunday morning beside the main entrance. Please put your name on the back of the slip and drop it in the morning offering plate.

3. You can send an eTRANSFER to from your financial institution's online banking service.  All amounts will be auto-deposited to the church’s account without any fees or cost to the church.  No security question is required.  You may also designate your offering to any of the categories shown on our envelopes by typing these instructions into the message field.  A charitable donation tax receipt will come from the church in February for any donations you have given during the preceding year. Please note if you have not previously provided your address or have changed your address and would like a donation tax receipt, please include this information in the message field.

4. You can give through our website using our online donation form with a Credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay.

Thank you so much for being willing to give toward what God is doing here at Southgate Alliance Church. We are committed to using your tithes and offerings carefully and in a way that honours our Lord.  Your generosity helps us continue our mission of seeing people transformed into disciples of Jesus who are growing in love for God, one another, and neighbours.

We believe that part of being a Christ follower is being a good and faithful steward of everything God has given you -- gifts, talents, time as well as financial resources.  This is one of the ways we worship God and is for the advancement of God's kingdom and the gospel message here and around the world.

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