Building Patterns of Discipleship

Our Youth meet on Friday nights for a Bible Study and hangout. We want our Youth to understand the importance of a Biblical World view, and to do that, we make Scripture the focal point of our time together. 

Friday Night Bible Study

Before our event for the night, we will be answering one of the questions from the New City Catechism

Friday Night Events

We host events both onsite and offsite, and encourage youth who are new to our church to come out and get involved!

New City Catechism

Questions and Answers from last week and this week

God created all things by his powerful Word, and all his creation was very good; everything flourished under his loving rule.

We glorify God by enjoying him, loving him, trusting him, and by obeying his will, commands, and law.



We are a member of the Plan to Protect® family. Plan to Protect® provides the highest standard of abuse prevention and protection to organizations servicing the vulnerable sector. For more information, please visit their website.